Moods of A Different Color & How It Changes

The pattern for my  Saturday mornings is I awake with a “less than desirable mood”.  I am not really sure why this is happening but the last two I have awoke super sensitive.  You know to the point of tears running down my face and the littlest thing upsetting me.  I suppose it could be hormones, the fact that my schedule was different for the past two weeks, or that it’s just the way I am.

My husband was the recipient of the emotional debacle that I was.  The “hot mess” of his mostly calmer wife these days, the one whose brain no longer rational!  He is a trooper I tell ya!  Oh, don’t get me wrong he has moments of his own “oh I shouldn’t have said that or done that” but his are less frequent.  Yesterday he took the time to listen, really that’s all I needed I presume. Then when the tears began to fall, he made his way around the table, placed his arm around me.  Of course I didn’t want to be crying and it’s hard for me to accept the comfort, although that’s really what I needed.  I gave in and took it.

He wasn’t the only one that reached out to me that day.  An online friend called and her pleasant voice was great to hear when I was able to call her back.  I’m grateful for that Sister in Christ, she is so busy with life, but she took a few moments to call me.

My other two daughters came to visit and brought the grand kids. This is what really made the mindset change.  The other two were steps in my crazy journey but having something to fill my mind (wedding talk) and laughter pushed me ahead strong.  I laughed so much, I tell ya the girls and one of their friends made me laugh more than I have in awhile! I’m so very grateful.

Then there was the couple gals that I visited with online later in the night.  I laughed out loud so much my husband probably thought I was nuts!  Ok, maybe he was just relieved to hear laughter verses seeing tears. 🙂

My heart ended up being full. When my tank was low, God sent helpers to get me through a rough patch.  He cares for me. He comforts me. He guides me.  He is with me.  Whether it is through His Word,  a few Sisters in Christ, my spouse, or my children, I am very thankful. To God and all of them.

I hope you can find some laughter in your day, if not, seek out a friend or two.  Post a Facebook post that you need to laugh and I would hope someone would post something funny to your timeline!  Go for a walk, clear your mind, pray, or just cuddle with the littlest of ones.

God is good, all the time!

All the time, God is good!

Grace is a gift,


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