Honesty Days

Honesty Days



  1. If you follow me regularly you have probably noticed there hasn’t been any posts to read for a couple of days.  I didn’t plan it but everything I did type and save to my drafts wasn’t “share worthy.” I’m sorry but my mindset has not been the best and I didn’t want to share something that wasn’t good.  I’m back, hopefully daily now.
  2. Taking the dog to the vet, running errands, making a parts run to a small town, and having your farmer husband buy you lunch is really a pretty nice date!
  3. To the kids that told my daughter I was mean and rude, thanks. You gave me, yet again, the opportunity to have an honest and open conversation with my daughter and to hold her tight and hug her! (Never too much of cuddles!)  A life lesson but could you be less mean yourself, I hate wiping the tears from my daughter’s face for stupid reasons.  Thanks a million!
  4. Taking communion is such a beautiful thing.
  5. Laughter, even when you are in a crappy mood, really is good medicine.
  6. Weight-less Wednesday.  Blah.  Enough said. #fallenoffthecaloriecountingwagon
  7. My husband tells me I have to learn to drive the grain truck, like this week.  Petrified!  Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic, but yes nervous.  Pray we don’t kill one another! 🙂
  8. Embroidery is cool.  No matter what my 26-year-old daughter says!
  9. No matter the circumstance, prayer for every party involved should be priority, not picking and choosing.
  10. Tomorrow I just want to be home. All day. Go nowhere. I wonder if I can get my hubs to take the kid to school? #isthatwierd
  11. My bathroom really really needs cleaned.  Seriously.  Maybe tomorrow! 🙂

Grace is a gift,



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