Writing Prompts 4 – Little Things


It has been said that it is the little things that make life worth living.  Describe one or several of those little things.

As I have gotten older I have realized this is true.  That the little things really are what matter most.  It’s not the expensive jewelry, piece of art, or big vacation.  It’s the million little things.  In my life the little things include some of the following.

Our kids and their families around our dining room table.  The jokes, the reminiscing, the love that is shared  is better than even brownies. That’s saying a lot coming from me!

Hearing the Word being read by my seven-year old at family devotion time.

Watching my youngest perform, play a sport, or take an adventure with her Dad.  I wish I would have done this more with my older two daughters.  Just let things wait and spent time watching them.

Hearing my middle daughter’s laughter at either my youngest daughter or granddaughter do or say something funny.  No one laughs like my middle daughter, it just makes me feel good.

Witnessing the way my oldest daughter will love others that can be difficult to love but give herself to them is beautiful.

The way my granddaughter wants her momma and not me at times. It takes me back to days of when her momma wanted me only.

Having my spouse come to me in the kitchen and just dance with me, cause he knows I love it.

Singing to my youngest and watching her eyelids get heavier.

Watching a movie, Property Brothers, House Hunters, or cooking shows with the hubs and kiddo.

Handwritten notes or letters.

Precious photos that haven’t been posed.

A call or text from a friend out of the blue.

The look on someone’s face when I’ve delivered a treat or gift.

A hymn, sermon, or prayer.

Taking a ride in the mule with family.

Embroidering towels for future generations.

Going to sleep with my spouse next to me each night.

Having sisters that spend time with me.

The view from the road where the bus drops off my little one. Her face, her running to the door, its priceless.

Wisdom shared with me from a sister in Christ, it’s unexpected but makes me feel quite loved.

Sitting with  my mom in her living room, just the two of us.  Not much said, but quiet is sometimes good.

Stories of days gone by from the elderly.

Friends gathering at our home with food and fun.

Meeting with women of faith to learn from one another and trust one another with each meeting.


I could write more, but now it is your turn.  What “little things” would be on your list? I’m glad I was able to write this post today. It made me smile, I hope it did you too!

Grace is a gift,





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