Writing Prompts 5 – Kick in the Pants

What is something you need a kick in the pants to finish?

There are a couple things. One is PURGING my attic.  The second is organizing my home office/craft room.

I am home daily and to be honest I have the best intentions to conquer these two things. I have even had the time more than once.  But I don’t.  It’s sad cause I’m a pretty organized person.  I could even make some cash off the stuff in my attic.  So why am I not motivated to get this done?

I think the attic thing is about collaboration.  I want to do it with my spouse. I know it’s totally odd and he is way too busy to help me.  He is actually about ready to start his busy season in farming that will last into the fall, and he is putting in a new bathroom in the church parsonage.  So what am I thinking?  I just feel more motivated when he is working with me on these types of projects.  It really should wait until next winter though, we could use the cash, and the room up there!

The craft room area, well it’s just about storage.  When we built our home we didn’t exactly figure in a lot of it. I know! It’s crazy!  But I need to tackle this soon. Perhaps the seven-year old would help, she wants to make some moo-lah herself for a new Lego set! 🙂

Are there things in your life right now you are putting on the back burner?  That you need to have a kick in the pants to get going on?  Comment below and let me know or comment with something motivational to get me to get me going would ya?

Grace is a gift,



Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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