Celebrating Something Other Than Mother’s Day

Another holiday is on the horizon, well it’s actually today.

Mother’s day, Sunday, May 9th.  It’s a day for those that raised children, whether by birthing them or adopting them or fostering them, etc. It’s a celebration of their hard work at raising children.

But I want to celebrate the following instead.

I want to celebrate the women in this world that are:

  • Dealing with infertility each day.
  • Dealing with the choice of adoption for their child.
  • Dealing with the loss of a child.
  • Dealing with the fact they will never be a mother.
  • Dealing with the obstacles that make this life hard because they are caring for their sick child.
  • Dealing with the lonely road of being a single mother.
  • Dealing with the questions from others about why they don’t have kids.
  • Dealing with the struggle within that makes them feel like they are “less than good” due to not being able to carry a baby.
  • Dealing with the shots, the negative pregnancy test results, and the tubal pregnancies.
  • Dealing with the choice that comes with an unplanned pregnancy.

The women I’ve mentioned all have names, faces, feelings, triumphs, troubles, and many other things.  But there is one special woman in my life that I dedicate this post to.  My middle daughter.  She has PCOS and hasn’t been able to conceive to date.

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I can’t relate to her pain exactly, but as her mother, I do feel pain.  I feel for my daughter because this day is hard for her.  This day of celebrating being a parent and being appreciated for all that one provides for a child.  The one that reminds her that she hasn’t had the opportunity to be celebrated too.

I don’t know what the future holds for my daughter in regards to parenting, but I do know this.  I love her just as much as I did the day she was born, possibly more.  The reason is because I have watched her grow in many ways and conquer many obstacles.  Whether anything changes or not, she will always be a wonderful woman to me.  God bless her journey and others.

I am hoping this post will bring awareness to others about PCOS and the way we should think before asking questions to those without children.  Those that may have been dealing or have had to deal with difficult outcomes in regards to parenting.  May they all find peace.

 Grace is a gift,



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