A Work In Progress – Respect – Session B

A Work In Progress



Raise your hand if you agree with Aretha!  That was the first line we read as we entered into our second week of this study.  Who doesn’t love that song!  I currently am listening to it on youtube while I write this post! Let’s get started!

After we answered a couple of questions about who and what we are to respect we headed into another set of categories. But first let’s take a look at a significant bible verse.  This verse let’s us know who and what we are to respect.  It’s simple, straight forward, and true.

“Honor everyone.  Love the brotherhood. Fear God. ” 1 Peter 2:17

The categories we take from that bible verse,  Matthew 19:18-19, and Genesis 1:26 are the enviroment, others, and self.  Everything we should respect falls into these three categories.  The one about self kind of took me back a moment.  We had some good discussion in our group on this section. What are your thoughts on this section?

God expects us to respect him as well.  “You shall have no other gods before Me.”  Exodus 20:3 Holding him at the highest and most ultimate place.  ( Deuteronomy 6:13 and Psalm 33:8 will aid you in reading further on this.)

The section I found very interesting and that made me see things clearer was when we were to unscramble four words.  The words we unscrambled are the things we should respect in every individual.





“Respecting these things in others makes it possible for humanity to work together, live together, and grow together. ” (Page 27)

A quote from an unknown author says it all.

“We need to respect others to collaborate; we need to collaborate to live.” (Page 27)

I truly found this quote inspiring.  I love it.  We then wrote out what we thought it meant.  Perhaps you could take a few moments now to do just that.

We then touched on the people we respect, how we came to respect them, and then onto taking God’s name in vain.  One of the things I really like about this particular study is, it brings the Ten Commandments into the study.  It’s the basics that give us foundation to move forward, so it’s a great way to be reminded or learn them better.

The final section talked about that name that was given to us that are baptized.  CHRISTIAN. When I read the paragraph it made my chest feel full and my face found a smile.  It made me feel something incredible that I sometimes forget in daily living.  The gift of Baptism. My name is Julie, but one of the descriptions upon my life is CHRISTIAN. I am blessed for this reason alone if not for any other in my life.

This study has turned out to be a delight and it’s just the simplicity of it that helps me in this busy life I think.  This week we delve into compassion, which is something I love. Be sure to join me next Monday here at Pushing Forward with Grace to discuss that key component in life!

If you have questions or want to just share and do not feel comfortable with commenting here, feel free to email me at betweenthesunsets@gmail.com.  I would be happy to listen or guide you to someone with more knowledge than I in regards to the One True God.

Won’t you pray with me?


Thank you for giving us the opportunities you have in our lives.  The gift of salvation and the chance to lead others to You.  May we take the time to see where you are leading us, may we help others, and respect them as well.  May we give respect to not only others but ultimately to you on a daily basis.  Please forgive our sins and we sin against you daily.  May the peace of all understanding be with those reading this.

 In Jesus Name, Amen


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