My Husband Lets Me Stay Home

The title probably has a few females feeling an increased irritation.  I was that type one time long ago.  But today, I’m ok with being with this statement.

When I wanted to become a stay at home mom it wasn’t like “oh honey I’m quitting my job and not getting another.”  It was, and I am not exaggerating at all, seven years of prodding, hinting, wanting, talking, and finally it happening.

For those of you that know my spouse and I personally you are probably thinking there is no way I had to spend that number of years talking my spouse into it.  I did. You can ask him.  Yes in our marriage I tend to be the dominate one but there are a few things that my husband holds his own on.  Topics such as his farm career, the building and designing of our home, hunting annually, and the subject at hand. We came to the conclusion together at the end with the pros & cons list.

Although this was a major decision we made together ultimately I wouldn’t have done it without his consent.  We are a partnership and I value his input.  He can see things objectively that I can’t on many subjects.  He’s my go-to-guy when I need to know if I am being over dramatic or thinking too much one way or not seeing how another may feel.  He is simple but straight forward with me.

I think if you asked him today, he would say that our choice for my career change is one that is for the positive for our family.  He says I am calmer, more at peace, and I know that it has kept stress off of him.  I do well with the child rearing, organizing, planning, and financial side of our lives.  He does better at providing, having family time outdoors, and working physically.  We each have our own strengths and weaknesses.

This transition hasn’t been the simpliest or the easiest, but it’s one that we both are glad we took.  If I find myself in a position where I work, so be it.  For now we are focusing on the summer months with our daughter, wheat harvest, and planting fall crops.  The times ahead are chalked full of memories and ones that I’m grateful the Lord has placed in my journey.

Have you made a life change?  Has your mindset changed over the years on particular topics?  Is there something you have tried that was a success or how about a challenge/mistake?  Both my husband and I fail and succeed on a daily basis.  We just have to choose which ones we want to focus on and move forward with.

No matter what, we will do it together.


MVJV collage 2

Grace is a gift,



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