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As I sat this week with a small group of women our discussion was about compassion.  The topic of how social media has influenced things, specifically how people/women see themselves.  The pressure of scrolling through the news feed to see tons of images of slender, beautiful, perfect hair individuals. This hit close to my heart, because just that day I was struggling with my image.  You can read about it in my Weight-less Wednesday post but that’s not what I want to focus on today.

Today I want to focus on the Aha moment I had as my friend was talking.  The moment I started to feel a tinge of uncomfortable, the moment when I felt guilty.  Thinking back I had posted a ton of pictures and posts on Facebook that past week.  Especially over the weekend.  The pictures of my family, the good times, the uplifting moments, the fact that I was going to purge my house of the tons of stuff I have.

I will interject here and say, my friend had no clue how I was feeling, and to be honest I feel thankful for her bringing up this topic. Aha moments are beneficial usually.

There are 304 “friends” on my Facebook list.  I’m sure some of them have removed me from their newsfeed, I’ve done that too.  But that is still a large number of people, and in that group I bet there is at least a few of the following.

  • The couple that aren’t able to have children but long for one deeply.
  • The couple waiting to adopt, which is harder than hard.
  • The person that has lost a child to death.
  • The parent that has the child that can’t run, jump, see, or possibly hear and I have three that can.
  • The people that live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to put food on the table, but I have photos of our abundance at meal time.
  • The parent that has to work two jobs and isn’t able to read to their child nightly. They read my post about what we are reading right now.
  • The person that is not sure how to deal with  their child that has issues. The parent feeling like a failure, seeing and probably thinking from my posts and pictures I have it all together. (I do not by the way.)
  • The single person that wonders if they will ever find that person to spend their life with, all while seeing my shots of my spouse and I together.
  • The parent that wishes their child would call or visit them, and I am entertaining my oldest kids all the while.

There’s more I’m sure, but these come to the forefront of my mind.  I feel guilt for sharing the memories, the happiness, and yes even on occasion struggling moments on Facebook.

My Aha moment brought these questions. Am I showing compassion for those other people when I post my things on Facebook?  Am I showing off or being shallow?  There are friends that never post much and I wonder why they even have an account.  To each their own, I don’t mean to make any one feel less worthy, I just wonder.

This Aha moment has brought various things to my mind today. Things to ponder and things to decide.  Personally I love seeing photos of others lives, especially my grand kids and grand dogs.  I love that my friends that live far away can visit with me and see how life is for us.

But.  There’s always a but isn’t there?

Is social media bringing us together or is it really tearing us apart?

Grace is a gift,






One thought on “Social Media /Compassion/ My Aha Moment

  1. It’s always interesting to see what people focus upon with FB. From the beginning, I really wondered about the value of it because so many people just took endless pictures of themselves…I mean, I don’t mind seeing a picture every so often (not every single day >.<) or if they get into a new relationship, seeing a picture of them with that person…but thinking more deeply, as you have here…made me ask the question, what is it that we truly value? In some ways (and this is speaking generally as I know there are exceptions), what we post on FB seems to convey what it is we truly think of as important.

    I first joined FB thinking it would be a way I could reconnect with people far away from me. I was quickly disillusioned to find out that FB didn't seem to be intended (or at least used) for that purpose. Instead it seemed to be, as I have said, about "look at me, look at me, look at me." I gave it up for a year because I didn't see how it was profitable and because any time I posted something with any kind of depth, there was utter silence in response. lol Now I have determined to only use it for things that are profitable (in an eternal sense). I am not saying this is the only way. Just my thoughts in response to yours. 🙂


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