A Work In Progress – Session C – Compassion

A Work In Progress


With each new week I find this study a good choice.  The combination of simplicity and topics of importance is what makes it so very enjoyable. The company of other sisters in Christ has its advantages as well.  Our group this past week was small but the conversation was inspiring and interesting. Let’s get started shall we!

“Compassion is a natural human emotion and often a response that seems involuntary.”  The study begins with this line.  Keep this in mind as we journey through the highlights today.

We proceeded to list the generation names such as baby boomers, the new silent, generation x and others.  It was interesting to look through all of them and learn some new ones.  The “me” generation is used for those that live according to a selfish direction. Unfortunately this is where our society seems to be headed.

We reviewed what it means to be compassionate and why each of us show it. Then we delved into the examples in the bible which God presented compassion.  These are good review and if you click on the Bible verse it will take you to the few I’ve chosen to share.  Take a moment to do this.

2 Kings 13:23

Nehemiah 9:19-20

I find myself and I assume I’m not the only one that finds themselves slipping into a “self-reliant mode” when I am smoothly living life.  Even in these times of self-reliant mode our God loves us and has compassion on us.  But are we being faithful? That’s what he asks us to be but is self-reliant mode being faithful? This is something for us all to remember and perhaps try to break the cycle of it.  We are lucky to have a compassionate God.

Jesus showed much compassion throughout His life.  He healed so many people and that is compassion at its ultimate.

“When He went ashore He saw a great crow and He has compassion on them and healed their sick. ” Matthew 14:14

The compassionate acts Jesus did were for various reasons.  Some were healed to provide witness to the power of the Son of God, and some in response to faith of the afflicted.  But a great deal were healed just from Jesus’ great compassion.  His compassion is shown on us today, just as it was back then.  May we take his example and extend compassion to others.

The question at the end for us is the following.  I invite to you ponder it for a while and then write down your plans.  Pray on it daily and take to heart the things that will grow from compassionate acts.

What can you do in the coming week or month to show more compassion?

Grace is a gift,



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