Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1. I tried ignoring the fact that lack of exercise and eating anything was messing with me the past couple weeks.

2. When one writes a piece/post they can feel really proud about, one can feel it into their bones!

3. Purging is not fun.  But my attic is cleaner and my spouse is happier. But the items purged are taking up the garage now.  Garage sale or donate???

4. I’m grateful for the rain, really I am, but the clouds don’t help my mood.

5. My Asics tennis shoes are what yoga pants are to some women! 🙂

6. Massages.  I like them.

7. I need some sunshine! #itsamoodenhancer

8. Mini desserts are so fun to make and less guilty to eat…. unless you eat like 5 in one sitting!

9. School will be out soon, time with my little one upon the horizon, excited and anxious!

10. Casseroles are not my thing, I will eat them, but I prefer meat, potatoes/vegetable, and bread.

11. Sometimes the disappointments in life give you the push you need to go further than you anticipated.

12. Usborne books.  Awesome fun and filling our home library with my kiddo was fun!

13. New challenge for my family.  It’s on the blog tomorrow.  I didn’t ask them to join, I told them they were! 🙂

Grace is a gift,




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