Weight-less Wednesday 5/20/15

Weightless Wednsdays


I would like to start this week’s Weight-less Wednesday post by saying THANK YOU!  The comments I received after sharing last week’s post helped me to feel better.  I received comments that were people in the same boat, those with advice, and those that just liked it on Facebook.  Each of those were helpful and interesting and good.  I am grateful for each.

I decided a couple of things after last week.  I am going to continue walking as much as a I can, and completing this in the morning is a must.  If I don’t do it then, it won’t happen!  The other thing is I am committing to some strength training workouts at home.  I can’t really afford to go to a gym and something is better than nothing.  I have a few light weights to use.  If you have any workouts online to recommend, please do so! I would love some input here!

The other item I have committed to and created is a family challenge. My family means the world to me and since I am in charge of most of the meal planning and shopping what they eat begins with me a lot of the time.  The challenge is a fruit and vegetable intake.  I have looked up the recommended number of cups each of us should consume in a day. Since May is partly over, we began on the 18th.  Obviously my husband’s is greater than mine and then mine is less than my seven-year olds.  But we are committed to doing this together.  I finally just told them I need support and this is good for you too!

The chart I have made will sit on our bar countertop where it is easily accessible.  I know we all need things in front of us to remind us so this should help a lot!  I think the area that will challenge my spouse and I is the veggie side of things.  I like almost all of mine cooked, where he prefers raw or not many in a day.  Fruits will be the challenge for my little girl, she only likes about three types!

My goal is to have healthier intake for all of us, for me to have some support on this journey, and for the fun of competing to aid each of us along the way.  Whoever reaches their goal at the end get so to pick a fun family activity for us to do together.  It’s a win win for all!

So, what have you done this week to make a difference in your healthier lifestyle?  What hurdles have you overcome?  Is there someone who helped you pull out of a slump?

Grace is a gift,



Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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