Church Families – My View

This post about my daughter’s baptismal birthday inspired me to write today’s post.  As I sat in my home office, looking out the window on a gloomy weathered Sunday morning, I knew I would feel joy soon.  The reason is I would be worshiping and seeing our church family.

I don’t think that church families get enough credit.  They are like blood family, though with the bonus of having something that binds them other than blood.  (Although in our congregation many are related in some sort of way!)  That happens in country churches a lot!

Coming together to worship weekly is just the beginning.  The singing of hymns, communing together, hearing the Word, even shaking the hand of the Elder brings us closer.  The bond that brings us together is God, what keeps it strong is the presence of each of us being there.

Matt 18 20

Oh sure, there are disagreements, but even the ones that may drive you crazy bring something to your life that is good.  God didn’t make everyone the same.  I think it’d be kinda boring in life if we were exactly alike.  Some have humor, some have good work ethic, some can’t remember your name, and a few fall asleep during the sermon.  But there is so much more, and dwelling on the negatives doesn’t help any situation. Let’s talk about the positives!

There are potlucks, voter’s meetings, vacation bible school, Sunday school, repairs to church/parsonage, mowing the church grounds, funerals, weddings, mission board events, youth activities, baptisms, and so much more.

The point is that no matter if these are joyous events or somber ones we know that we are not attending alone.  The person that sits in the pew on Sunday with us will be there, the one that sent that card last week just because will be there, the one that makes the awesome pie will bring it, and the huggers meet you in the Narthex as you make your way in.  And yes, the one that can’t remember your name, or tells you the same story over and over is there too. We may think that they need us more than we need them but you might be surprised what they can still offer.  I know that I have experienced some pretty great giggles and moments of grace from them.  All of those that are in my church family.

Most Sundays we spend in a pew worshiping God with our church family.   What I am trying to say is that by building a relationship with God and our church family, it has brought so much more to my life than I expected.  I feel loved every time I am surrounded by the individuals worshiping with me.   Having a church family helps us stay accountable, grows our joy in life, and gives us strength, and teaches us often.

I hope you have a church family that you can fellowship with, invite others into, and one that brings much help along the way.
Grace is a gift,



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