Country Living – Pros/Cons

sunset beauty

You’ve heard me mention before that our family makes our living farming.  My husband has farmed his entire life with his father in some manner.  We married 12 years ago and we moved to the farm 4 years ago.  Our farm had been about a 20 minute drive from the town where we lived.  I like it much better living on the farm verses in town for various reasons.  Today I want to share with you why this works for our family the best and I wish we would have moved here a lot sooner!

  • The ability to just go see my spouse whenever we want when he is working.  Long days during certain seasons can be difficult on a family.
  • The quiet of the evenings. I never noticed the amount of noise until I was recently in town for a period of time in the outdoors.  The town we lived in wasn’t that big but you can tell the difference for sure!
  • The sunsets are remarkably.  The sunrises aren’t too shabby either!
  • Our daughter can walk right across the farm-yard and see her grandparents or dad at anytime.
  • The wide open spaces.
  • The teachings of raising a child on the farm is really a bonus.
  • Watching the crop from my kitchen or home office windows grow with each week.
  • Small town school for our daughter.
  • Our country church only being 2 miles away.
  • Dinners in the pickup at harvest and planting time.
  • Tractor and combine rides.
  • Large areas for our daughter to play and ride her bike.
  • Pasture to walk in and country roads to ponder while doing the same thing.
  • Eat out less and more home cooked meals.

These are just a few of the things we enjoy from living in the rural areas.  It isn’t perfect and I suppose to be fair I should point our a few of the less than stellar things.

  • Muddy country roads, no clean vehicle for long.
  • When out of something, a decent store is 20 miles away.
  • My older kids don’t just stop by or visit, they think it’s too far. (City kids! LOL)
  • Having a spouse for a farmer can be hard on a marriage and family when seasons are busy.  But I must say I understand more now that I am a stay at home farm mom.
  • My grand kids can’t just come over and hang out then go back home quickly.
  • When I worked traveling in the car wasn’t my favorite thing, so the commute to and from work wasn’t my favorite thing.

So, do you live in a town, large city, or country?  Why do you prefer the location that you live?  We live in Central Kansas. Most days it’s windy, the weather is unpredictable, and the humidity is bad.  But it’s home.  It’s where the family legacy is,  and we raise crops to feed the world.  We live a life that gives more than we deserve.

Grace is a gift,


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