Weight-less Wednesday 5/27/2015

Weightless Wednsdays


What I did this past week was log my workouts since I seem to be starting some new things.  This is for the person that is just starting out exercising or starting over!  We can do this! We can do this!

Day 1 workout- Thursday:  Walked 10 minutes.  I chose this kettle ball workout on youtube to get started with some strengthening.  I am going to admit a few things now.  The kettle ball I use is 5 lbs, at this point I am only able to complete 1 round, there are 3.  But I feel good about this start!  Then I decided to walk down my country road for part of my walking workout today.  The sun was lovely over the corn field and our farm.  Unfortunately my calf ended up in great pain about three-quarter of the way through.  I stretched before and after but came in feeling defeated by the time I reached the house.   #honestypost

Day 2 workout- Friday:  As I attempted to get out of bed and work through the day my body was telling me how sore I was from Day 1 kettle ball workout.  That is good I presume and moving was the best thing, but my workout didn’t exist this day.  Ate fruit & veggies though!

Day 3 workout – Saturday: As I awoke, I laid in bed and knew if I didn’t workout in the morning, it wouldn’t happen AGAIN.  So I laid there envisioning myself doing a kettle ball workout and a walking routine indoors. (Because it literally was going to rain all day and it did just that!)  Finally after much imagining I arose and actually did the workouts to burn calories! My body still ached, but nothing like the day before! And my hubs joined me on the kettle ball workout!

Day 4 workout Sunday: Wet. Wet. Wet. I would rather walk outside than indoors with a  walking routine. I am a tad sore but not as bad as before. We attended church then loaded up in the car to head to cemeteries.  Not a day of working out but sitting.  😦

Day 5 workout – Monday: On Fire today folks!  Walked 1 hour, slow pace due to pain in calf, but did 3 miles with about 7000 steps.  Did Kettle ball workout too!  I actually made it through 1.5 rounds! Whoo hoo!

Day 6 workout – Tuesday: I did some walking with a friend and our kiddos.  Then in the afternoon my daughter and I headed to the park.  I did a 30 minute walk and ended up reaching my new daily step goal of 11,000 not too long after that!

I am feeling good already. I can tell the difference in just what a little activity can do for oneself.

Weigh less Wednesday

How about an update on our fruit/veggie challenge!   Although I may not quite reach enough veggie intake daily it is helping me to see how much I need to be eating.  It has shown me that I need to plan more and start earlier in the day.  I like the way it has brought our family together too.  My youngest daughter enjoys filling in her line on the chart and asking about amounts! So we are a work in progress but I like the reminder and accountability this challenge has given me and my family!

So what non-weight loss successes have you had this week?  I’m happy with the fact that I am back to working out more and eating better!

Grace is a gift,





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