How About Some Joy and Jam Today!

This morning one of the things my youngest daughter and I did was make strawberry jam together.  One of my greatest joys in life is making jam.  The season is upon us and I couldn’t resist picking up some strawberries while at the store yesterday.  I’ve attempted to raise strawberries myself but haven’t had much luck.  My mother could always grow them wonderfully!  I didn’t inherited her knack or desire for much gardening apparently.

Back to the jam, we ended up making about 136 ounces of strawberry jam.  That is two batches and 14 cups of sugar.  I know, not the healthiest but it taste so good!  My favorite jam is peach though and one I tried last year pear honey is a close runner-up.


During our season of jam making there is usually the following types made.  Mulberry, blackberry, strawberry, peach, pear honey, and sand hill plum jelly.  I have some sand hill plum juice frozen from last year, we had a great crop!  It was a big seller last year too.

I do sell jams and jellies, but not by the truck load.  It’s more of an enjoyment and a  way to give homemade gifts.  We have planted some fruit trees so hopefully someday they will produce fruit that I can use.

So, what is your favorite type of jam or jelly?  Comment and let me know!

Grace is a gift,



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