Weight-less Wednesday 6/3/15

Weightless Wednsdays


An update on our May Family Fruit/Veggie Challenge.  This challenge made me really realize just how few vegetables we are eating! Give it a try if you are interested in determining how much your intake is for fruit and vegetables!

According to Choose My Plate I am to have 2.5 cups of vegetables per day and 1.5 cups of fruit.  I did fine with the fruit, in fact I ate more than I should have.  The vegetables I was short 17.5 cups in a 14 day period.

Our family struggles with vegetables and I’m not sure why.  We do like them but have different tastes in them.   I prefer cooked veggies, except I absolutely love cucumbers!  Can’t wait until our garden is overflowing this year!  My spouse enjoys fresh vegetables more than cooked.  So we are going to work on this in the next month. I know that our plates are to be half full with vegetables and fruits at meal time.  We will try to shoot for that!  Our daughter tried green peppers last night at church and fell in love! So happy about that!

The fruit intake is good but needs to improve as I mentioned.  This is easier for us to grab or add to a cereal or yogurt or eat with our meal I feel.  Prepping fruit and vegetables is part of what I did for our family but if not eaten it does go bad quicker.  But we will keep trying new things. If you drink 100% fruit juice that counts as well, my spouse and daughter get some of theirs through that way.

With wheat harvest and soybean planting coming up it will be my responsibility even more to help feed my family healthy fruits and vegetables.  I pray I can do this and not just grab for convenience during this busy time!

So, does anyone want to join us in our June Family Challenge?  The whole family can participate and it’s a great lesson for kids!  Our youngest likes to mark the chart and count up during the day what she has ate.

Grace is a gift,



I just logged each day this week my activity level for my own use, but if you are interested it’s below.

Wednesday workout: Walked 30 minutes while my kiddo rode her bike.  My new step goal is 11,000!. 11,348 steps today

Thursday workout: The rain decided to play havoc on my walking workout.  I would have continued to walk home but my sweet hubs came and got me.  It was starting to rain pretty hard!  But I got 15 minutes in, then he joined me for the kettle ball workout.  I’m super stoked, I made it through TWO rounds! I late walked 15 minutes on my porch!  Gotta do what ya gotta do! 11,091 steps

Friday workout: No walking today but my workout was helping load tree limbs and unload tree limbs.  I walked to the lot where we piled them to be burned instead of riding in the UTV ! 🙂 6253 steps

Saturday workout: Didn’t exist.  Shopped for wedding flowers and didn’t exercise.  5899 steps.

Sunday workout: Walked at two different times and reached over 11,000 steps!

Monday workout: My workout was a 20 minute walk then picking up irrigation pipe.  This entailed me bending, lifting, loading, and walking back and forth to the trailer.  I am counting that as my workout! 🙂

Tuesday workout:  Although it was difficult I got through 1 3/4 rounds of the kettle ball workout. 30 minute walk in the mid afternoon heat and humidity! Sweating did occur folks! 🙂  Reached 10,359 steps, my embroidery and the couch won out.  I had a project I needed to finish and I just didn’t make the effort to get up and move at 9:30pm!



Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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