The Walk To Clear The Mind

As I walked between wheat and corn fields in the early morning some things became easier.  This walk wasn’t for exercise.  It was more for clearing my mind.  While walking, a rendition of “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” came across my playlist.  This very song helped calm me.


New life fields

Wondering thoughts and feelings of being unwanted lay present but with each step were slipping away.  As the breeze blows they go with it.  I look back and the sun is there.  A new day is here and it holds so many blessings although I am in a state of less than worthiness. Conflict exists in this Christians demeanor.

“You Raise Me Up” makes its way into my ears and I remember the only one whose love really matters.

God’s.  Unconditional, life saving, and more of a gift than I deserve.

My soul is feeling restoration once again. Slow but sure, like seeping into my veins like the smooth gliding of each wheat head in unison.  Dancing away the morning blues as if they were destined to grow together.  I am as well, in Christ.

I turn to walk back the morning sun shining upon my face.  The corn only beginning to grow is to my left.  They are all just beginning their own dance together.  They will bring nourishment to the world as Christ does to me.

This walk didn’t bring complete calmness but one never really feels that on this side of Heaven I presume.  I will make my journey as I must and take each step one at a time.  The days that start difficult and the days that start brilliantly will co-exist as I live this thing called my life.

Grace is a gift,



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