Shine Some Light Award

I’m going to be honest, which might classify me as one that isn’t very American or sports oriented.  I had no clue what the Arthur Ashe award was.  After googling it I realized it was sports oriented and not necessarily for humanitarian or heroic actions.

Arthur Ashe, whom the award is named after sounds like he had quite a life with many successes and struggles.  His cause of death alone is one that has spread across the world wildly, but yet progress has been made in the medical field.  I suppose him sharing his experience with the disease was help in that.  I’m glad he shared about both his medical issues.

Most of you probably know why this award came to my mind and why our social media accounts have been filled with a certain story regarding the award. Everyone has an opinion on the subject and it’s only fueling the media. I decided it might be a good idea to share with you the link so you could review all the past recipients of this particular award.  Some of them have quite an interesting history.   After you have read through the list, perhaps you could help me find a name for a new award I was thinking of.

The one that could be given to any of the following. There might already be awards for individual categories but my point is this.  Let’s take a moment to look to something heroic or humanitarian for a moment.

The birthparent that chooses life and gives a gift of family to another.

The small farmer that plants his seed by hand and harvests in the same manner.

The firefighter who risks his life or loses it while doing his job.

The individual that takes the third shift because they have two children at home that need new shoes or food on the table.

The parent that holds their child in their arms as they take their last breath.

The aging individual that spends their day in the nursing home and one day long ago raised a family, made a difference in the world, and now sits alone most of the time.

The child that plays with the one that has been bullied.

The adult that looks deeper into the bully’s eyes to help them see themselves as better than this.

The medical professional that works longs hours, the one that has to share good and bad news to families on a regular basis.

The teacher that still hugs a kid (from the side) because it’s the only touch they receive all day.

The parents that wonder if their child will ever overcome the issues at hand and want to walk away but continue to stay in the midst of trouble.

The person that has taken their last drink or used drugs and shares their story to help others.

The one that educates and shares their passion for helping others in places near and far, to make a difference in this world of heartache.

The combat soldier. That’s all that needs to be said on that one.

I could go on but instead how about you comment with some suggestions of other recipient types.

Grace is  a gift,


By the way, this post isn’t about degrading the Arthur Ashe Award or the recipients. As an American and freedom of speech I felt compelled to shine at least a little light on some heroes in the common world that do not have a celebrity status or are being given television shows and large amounts of money to promote themselves.


Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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