Adventures of Simplicity

Looking out my kitchen window the activity I saw brought a smile to my face. Although I had dishes to do and lunch mess to clean up, I found myself just watching.  Taking the time to take in the simplicity of a child’s play time.

I thought perhaps she was just messing with the plant and increasing her science mind, but as I wondered outside after a few minutes I came to find something else.


My youngest daughter was playing with a lady bug.  If that isn’t simplicity I’m not sure what is.  She was laying it upon the leaves, moving it around, and the little girl was delighted.  She was just calm in the moment, only her and the ladybug.


The lesson in this for me was that you do not need to fill your children’s lives with activities, games, events, lessons, camps, television shows, or movies.  Constant entertainment by parents isn’t a priority.   Love and care and teaching them to entertain themselves to some degree is.  If I had to guess, my daughter was probably content with the lady bug playtime and more happy that I asked her about it.  That I stopped the dishes and came to her to show interest in her life.

Don’t get me wrong, our daughter is involved in some activities this summer, but a good share of her days are spent at home at the farm.  We have daily activities we do such as reading, devotion, kitchen, and activity time.  We also have things we do alone.

She’s seven and basically an only child, her sisters are in their twenties.  So, she normally goes where we go and has more adult time than playmate time.  I think this has brought some good things into her life such as the life cycle of animals, an appreciation for cooking, nature, farming, and hunting.  It also means she doesn’t have a sister or brother to share with, only a niece.

Today just reassured me that my child doesn’t need the latest toys on television or playdates every other day, or parents that give her 100% of their attention all the time. When we grow up we have to make our own friends/relationships and we have to entertain ourselves.  Hopefully in parenting we find a balance to help her with those things.

Grace is a gift,



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