Beauty in the Smile

My post for today is coming in quite late but for good reason.  My day was one not spent at home.  Sometimes leaving home brings us reminders, inspiration, and a fresh start or do-over. Read the rest of my post to see why I feel this way.

Friendship can do many things to our lives.  They can bring out the positives that lay dormant in us or possibly help us to see where we can improve.

Upon pulling down the driveway to a tree surrounded older farm-house I found just the beginning of my body relaxing.  The little girl playing in the yard greeted us just as her mother soon would, authentic and loving.  The door to the house opened and I was greeted with a friendly smile, a few words, and a hug.  This body of mine was totally calm and I smiled to myself.

As we spent our days with friends that live about an hour and a half away from us I found the things I listed in paragraph one of this post.  The gentle reminders of how precious my husband is and much-needed in my life.  Inspiration to work diligently and care for him and my family daily.  The push to start fresh with each day and live in God’s glory.

The conversations had today between two women were of family, marriage, books to read, bibles studies to try, and how living a life to God’s glory is totally relevent and required.  Hearing my daughter giggle with friends and see real joy in her face made the trip and time so very worth it.  I pray she continues to grow up and that her friendships with these two little girls goes on for years and years.

I’ve only know their mother for a year or two but it’s a friendship that I truly feel God provided.  He brought someone into my world that has similarities and is wise yet isn’t exactly like me. She encourages me without even knowing it at times.

When we took our selfie, my instant old habit come to show,  ridicule of oneself.  I quickly wanted to put the words back in my mouth but could not.  Four little ones in our presence and a friend who loves me.  She quickly told me, most sincerely, how I am beautiful.  She’s right, I’m beautiful.  Not for my hair, makeup, eyes, or anything else.

When I look at this photo, I see a woman with a huge smile on her face.  An authentic smile that couldn’t be held back because a day spent with a friend, is one that fills your heart with joy.  I thank my friend for her hospitality, her conversation, her encouragements, but mostly for helping place a smile on my face.


You are beautiful my friend, inside and out. Continue your quest of helping others, leading others, and serving others.

Grace is a gift,



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