Honesty Days

Honesty Days

  1.  I’m proud of this as a Mother. I’ve gotten a simple routine down and my daughter doesn’t argue about it. She knows the routine and certain things that have to be done daily before anything else.  Devotion time and reading time are being mastered!  Whoo Hoo! Happy Dance!
  2. I have a friend that is a writer/blogger.  I miss her writings. Seriously. I know at this time that God has placed other things primary but I really miss reading her words. I better head back to her blog and read old stuff, it will have to do for now!
  3. Hearing my youngest daughter giggle and my mother laugh at the same time is joy.
  4. Sleep. Much needed right now.
  5. My youngest daughter says things that melt my heart and also make me cringe.  Life of a Mother!
  6. Sometimes it’s best to cry alone. But laughing is always better in unison.
  7. In the distance I hear “Jesus Loves Me” on the piano.  Although a few notes are incorrect it’s perfect to this Momma!
  8. Grandaughter E.  She’s something!  Beautiful on the inside and out but boy does she know how to throw a fit!  She outdoes her Aunt Kassidy (when she was 4) any day!
  9. I miss a strong musical lead in church on Sundays when singing hymns.
  10. Sometimes partially broken things can bring music to your ears.  🙂 (Hence old piano)
  11. I am not eating well.  I eat lots of fruit but still the junk.  I am not able to exercise like I want, my leg is significantly worse.  I am frustrated about it.  I’ve spent money, and I don’t want to go to another doctor. Feeling torn.
  12. Laughter with ladies on a Monday night can bring delight!
  13. The birds poop on my porch. They need to build their nests somewhere other than the stone on my front porch.  Also no pooping on the cross on my front porch! 😦
  14. Yellow is my favorite color.  As I turned into my driveway my eye caught these.  🙂 Happiness.
June 2015
June 2015

I’m going to leave you today with that image in your mind.  I hope it brings you much joy.

Grace is a gift,



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