Moving from Farmer’s Wife to Farmwife

I don’t normally write about farm life over here on this blog because we have In Between The Sunsets of Life to do that.  But I thought today I’d throw a little farm life your way.  Some of you may not have ever been on a farm or lived in a rural setting. Part of our goal at the Sunsets blog is to educate about agriculture and share life on the farm.  So if you are interested please feel free to like our Facebook, Pinterest, or subscribe to that blog.

This time of year is a busy time normally.  We wait with anticipation and excitement as our wheat (crop) begins to turn in the hot dry summer.  This year has been different, we have had lots of rain, our fields are too wet to get into.  Our wheat is basically about ready but with all the rainfall we aren’t sure of the outcome (production) that our wheat will give us.  We are hoping that we get to find out this weekend or first part of next week!  Wheat harvest 2015 sooner than later we hope!

The corn and soybeans are planted and love the rain that is helping them grow.  It’s amazing to look out my home office or kitchen window week to week and see the growth.

Corn Field 2015

There is still soybeans and grain sorghum (milo) to plant after the wheat is harvested.   So when I said it’s the busy time of year for us, it really is.

Wheat 2015

My husband runs both the combine (harvests the crops) and tractor with drill (to plant crops).  He can only be in one place at one time. My husband’s days will be quite long for a few weeks.  His father drives the grain trucks and his mother helps weigh them when they come to the farm-yard.  We store most of our harvested grain on the farm and transport it later to the grain elevator to be sold.  This way we can watch the markets (prices being offered) and perhaps sell at a better price.

Kansas Wheat 2015

Up until this year I have mostly just cared for our daughter, ran some food to the field, taken photos, and blogged about our harvest/planting experiences.  As the generation before us ages, (as we all will) my husband will need more help.  Since I am a stay at home farm mom/wife now the solution seems to lean towards me.

This is where I will have to put my fears aside.  My fears often take hold and I sometimes allow them to keep me from succeeding.  Today was the beginning of me conquering a fear.  My husband and I took a little drive around the countryside.  It wasn’t on his motorcycle, which I love or our pickup, it was in our 1985 Chevrolet Grain Truck.  He gave me my first lesson in driving this 5 speed large grain truck!

farm wife

We survived.  We laughed.  I learned.  He taught.  I will need more lessons.  The bed was not full of wheat which does make a difference I’ve been told.  But this is a start of me becoming a farm wife verses a farmer’s wife.  Conquering a few fears and doing it with my spouse.

I don’t know if I will drive this wheat harvest or not,  I’m sure it would be helpful.  If so, I pray for calmness and safety for I know my husband won’t be next to me.  He will be in a combine cab or tractor seat living his dream and feeding our family and others.

Life is but many chapters, now I have another. Let’s see how it transpires shall we!

Grace is a gift,





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