44th Birthday Stats – #pfwg44thbirthday

A Day donating

I thought it was time to update you all on the #pfwg44thbirthday and let you know where I am at on this journey!  As of today there are:

25 red stones in my candle. That means that with the help of my friends I am over half way to my 44 donations!  Only 19 more to go folks! Feel free to join our team and help us reach or exceed 44 donations by December 26, 2015!

Each donation normally helps 3 lives. That means 75 lives have been touched by just giving some blood and time!  Isn’t that awesome?  I could not have made it this far without others helping. I want to say thank you to all of those that have donated so far!

We have six months to collect the other 19 donations and I have mine scheduled for June 26th!  How about you? When is your next time to donate blood?  Find the nearest donation center or blood drive by clicking on Red Cross Blood Donation!


Now onto the Handwritten Letters challenge!  I am still working on those and have sent out 27 letters.  I have 17 more to go before December 26th.  I do not send the letters until I feel compelled to put words on paper.  Lately they have been lacking but that is because I want them to be true and heartfelt.  I want to lift up individuals and bring a smile to their face when they open their mailbox.

On a side note, my daughter received a McDonald’s gift card in the mailbox with a note telling her to have a super summer!  It brought a lot of joy to the little girl. I’m not sure who it was from and it’s the second one she has received in the past year, but if you read my blog we are thanking you!

If you are unable to donate blood, take a moment to help another by sending an uplifting card or letter.  Call if that is simpler.  Just reach out and grasp the joy and share it today!

Grace is a gift,



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