The Father I Live With Today

This day represents a time to celebrate fathers.  My father is no longer living so I  chose today to blog about someone else.  The father I live with.  My husband.


This man became a father at the age of 36 when he married me.  I had two daughters by my first marriage.  He not only moved in with all females after living with only one his entire life, but became a father figure instantly.  Twelve years later he is a trooper and there are reasons it worked well for our blended family. More on that in a moment.

The father I live with today

To be honest, my husband had not had much interaction or time spent with children prior to our marriage.  He worked in construction and was a farmer.  His only interaction was basically when his niece and nephew were visiting.  He grew up in a household of four boys so all things female in 2003 might have rocked his world just a tad! 🙂

I think part of why it worked so well is my daughters were already half grown and had an active father in their life. They were 14 and 10, so when we married things were pretty set.  My husband brought to the family a patience and quiet support.  He helped me make decisions but mostly he has been a father figure with knowledge most girls may not have the opportunity to be aquainted with.  He accepted his position and filled it with grace I feel.  I am grateful my daughters have him in their lives and that he respected me enough and them to be the good example he is.

The Father I Live with Today 2

In 2008 he became a father of his own child. Although she is not of his blood, he could not love her anymore than if she was.  He endured loss to obtain the joy of fatherhood through adoption and rose to the position of Daddy.  In my books he could perhaps disipline more but honestly he does so much more for her as a father than I could ask for I suppose I could make an exception.  🙂   Since I was lacking an interactive father most of my life the opportunity to watch my husband be a father has become a joyous experience.  The time he spends with her, the knowledge he shares, and the love he gives is good.  She is a lucky little girl.  I hope she grows up to know that.

So, the father that lives in my house is a man of many things.  He provides for our family, aids the older girls with questions and advice, teaches the youngest to hunt, play, farm, and about God.  But mostly he loves his family with a whole heart.

The Father I live with today 3

I thank God for showing me a different side to the man I married via fatherhood.  May he know daily how thankful I am.

Happy Father’s Day my love!

Grace is a gift,


Photo is owned by Julie V. and use or duplication is not allowed without written permission of the owner of this blog.
Photo is owned by Julie V. and use or duplication is not allowed without written permission of the owner of this blog.

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