Honesty Days

Honesty Days



1. After the day I had yesterday I decided it should be an Honesty Day post over here at Grace.  Not a good one, but as a friend texted me the following and she is right!   “God’s grace is new in the morning!”

2. It’s surprising how fast one can harvest wheat without breakdowns. (knock on wood)

3. The emotions of the seven-year old are starting to boil to the top due to changed schedule of harvest time in our household.  This will build her character and hopefully help her to be more flexible in life.

4. I miss my old bed – a lot.  We got a new one and it’s better for my husband’s back. Me – not so much.

5. I enjoy heading over and getting the scale tickets daily and figuring them and recording them. Makes me feel useful.

6. Road trip with the middle kid and youngest for a softball game tonight. It should be a good time!

7. I feel like my mind/memory is sliding a tad since becoming a stay at home mom.  Not sure why, I still keep it active. Perhaps I need some of those mind games! 🙂

8. Leg pain. From hip to foot now.  Enough said.

9. I haven’t watched the news, much less any other tv in the past 4 days.  That could be a good thing!

10. Time spent with middle daughter this past weekend with her little sister was pure enjoyment for me!

11. I have felt “used” lately.

12. I’m pretty excited about our new Vicar coming!

13. There’s something about seeing  a man run a large farm machine! 🙂  What? You don’t think that’s sexy?

14. Next year I will just not worry about what others think and plan out my harvest meals accordingly to make my life easier! Winging it last-minute doesn’t work well with my planner mind!

15. Ok I’m taking my stresses and I’m placing them elsewhere. Away from me and heading to delve into the WORD to help remind me of the blessings that are abundant in my life! And the gift that was given to all!

Grace is a gift,




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