Love – Reminder It’s God’s Plan

Church painting 2014


The sermon I heard this past Sunday was one that just fit perfectly into the event that was occurring and what my mindset had been for a few days.  The church I attend has been without a permanent leader of our flock for a year now.  This day we welcomed a new one, a man who is spending his Vicarage with us.

The sermon from the supervising Pastor was of marriage.  Explaining how the new Vicar would have two marriages now.  The one to his wife and the one to his congregation so to speak.  The sermon spoke of both the new leader and congregation would need to be patient, to teach one another, but mostly love one another.

The last time a new Pastor arrived at our church, I wasn’t a member  yet, but I attended with my husband regularly.  When the time was right I chose to change churches and denominations.  The Pastor helped me to understand things and answer my questions.  He led me in classes to become a member at  Immanuel.  I know that this new Vicar will provide care for his flock and help as well.

The other night when I was part of a crew that aided the new leader of our flock move in I want to share with you my thoughts.  I took a break and made my way to the church.  As I headed back, walking through fellowship hall, I looked up at the gold cross a thought crossed my mind.  ” Twelve years ago I probably wouldn’t have been so “willing” to participate in so much here.” Back then I was  was defensive and protective and probably fighting God’s plan for me.    I smiled to myself.  I smiled because long before I knew what was needed in my life, God did.  God always has and always will.  It is so good to feel the way God has loved me in that moment of revelation.

I pray daily that love will prevail in this new chapter of Immanuel’s story.  It’s exciting, it’s wonderful, it’s change.  Together may we all serve to the glory of God.

Grace is a gift,



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