Reminders & Love

I know from personal experience that you can not make someone love you. There have been a few people in my life I have attempted to make do this. It doesn’t work, believe me.  The pain it causes you isn’t worth it.

There is only one that truly loves you.  You can not earn His love – EVER. You can not buy it, you can not complete good deeds to get it, you can’t beg or plead for it.  If you have read my blog for very long I’m sure you know who I am writing about.


You may not think you need to hear this today but do me a favor and read to the end of the post.  If you read to the end of the post and you didn’t need to hear this or couldn’t relate, let me know.

When He sees you, He loves you.

He doesn’t see the brokenness, the hurt you delve out, the layers of flab, the yucky hair, or puffy eyes.  He sees the creation He made through the cross of Jesus Christ.  Do you know who Jesus Christ is?  The Son of God that came to die for our sins.  (Just in case you didn’t know that tidbit).  It’s true and you know what else is true?

You are beautiful.  You are precious.  You are His.  You are Loved.

Recently I have needed this reminder.  Obviously, that is what has sparked this post.  I have looked in the mirror and see so many things that aren’t what this world calls beautiful.  I have felt loneliness and disappointment in myself, all while trying to carry on as usual.  I have felt overwhelmed and pushed too far. I have felt many not so flattering physical traits and struggled to keep my thoughts at bay.

I figured if I was needing the reminder, chances are someone else was too.  So if you do, I have something for you.  Save the photo below to your computer desktop, phone home screen, print it and hang it near you or carry it with you.  Read it daily, read it often, just read it.


Facebook Cover
Facebook cover photo


Reminders - Love

Sometimes, the reminders are given just in the nick of time.  Sometimes standing with your eyes closed, the breeze gently moving your hair, and the sun upon your face helps too. Or the tears that are falling across your cheeks,  in the silence of the night, while in prayer.  Where does my comfort come from?  My comfort comes from the Lord.

Just take a moment to soak in the goodness of God today.


Grace is a gift,





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