Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1. First year at home full-time during wheat harvest. It was overwhelming, on the go, and good.

2. I can love others, even if they do not believe what I believe.  I hope they feel the same way.

3. While sitting in the pew, after communion, I leaned into my spouse and said, “all I want to do is yell SMILE, your sins are forgiven!” Ya, he’s used to my antics…. I think.

4. I’ve come to realize there are positives of working outside the home while being married to a farmer.  Feeling a lot like what others refer to as “farmer’s wife”.  See, my personality is a “scheduler type” and now my life has to adjust to “go with the flow”.  Last week that didn’t work so well at first.  Working outside the home I was less involved in the change of my schedule! 🙂

5. Now that I’ve shared number 4 how about a positive of “farmer’s wife”.  I get to feel good about providing meals for my spouse and family during busy times.  I get to step outside my comfort zone and test the waters of something new.  I get to show my daughter that women can do things that some may not think they can or should!

6. So much to be excited and happy  about.  New friends.  Trips upcoming. Softball winding down. Zucchini from the garden. More time at home. The end of next week will be nice… I just know it!

7. My toenails. Dislike the looks of them. So I paint them most all the time. That’s the reason that I go through the pain I do.  You know ladies, the part where when you bend over and due to the midsection area it’s much tougher than need be! Come on, you know you can relate! 🙂

8. When inspired to write it’s hard for me to leave the computer, but Mommy duty calls. Taxi for kiddo things. Sometimes a bummer to leave behind when inspired but worth it to be her Mommy at home! #mommystruggleswithotherthings

9. Now was probably not the best time to make a change in medication I’m taking.

10. The wheat harvest we had was so much better than expected.  I can’t thank God enough!

Grace is a gift,




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