Garden of Stress

As I sit here trying to figure out what to write I can look out my office window and see the weeds taking over our garden.   I do not see much dirt, that’s how bad it is.

Like those weeds, sometimes life has not one big stress but a lot of little ones. That is how I have felt recently. Like I have several little stresses poking their way into my daily living and in turn I feel overwhelmed.  So much so that tears fall, my mouth says things it should not, my head hurts, and my sleep is lacking.

And even as I write this I am feeling guilt.  Guilt because my life is pretty darn good folks.  I mean really.  I have wanted to be a stay at home Mom forever and I am doing just that.  I have wanted to do more of the farming with my spouse and I have lately.  I have time to embroidery, make jam, and cook.  Why in the world am I blogging about my stresses?

The guilt comes from the fact that my family really has it good when there are others that do not.  There is always someone that has it worse than us and those that need us.  Whether it is thousands of miles away or in the same church pew last Sunday.  People need People.  But mostly they need GOD.


Matthew 1926


So I close by remembering the One True God is with me in every second of my day.  He is with me in the midst of joy and the midst of sorrow.  He will, one day, return and bring such joy to me I can only wait in anticipation!

Those “weeds” I will quiet with the Word and wait for the day I am with my Father.

Grace is a gift,


PS :  This blog is a place for me to express my life, my feelings, and work through things.  This blog is a place to inspire, share the Word, help others, and live with more peace.  This blog has brought to my life much in just less than a year’s time.  Writing helps me work through the little and big stresses.  I am grateful I am able to do so here. Thank you for sharing in it with me.


Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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