Little Girls, Kitchen Love, & Family

E, P, & Me


I wrote about these two girls in one of my first posts.  The one on the left is my grand-daughter.  The one on the right is my daughter.  The seven year old (P.) is aunt to the four year old (E.).  The small age difference is due to the fact that I have a daughter that is 27 and started her family 4 years ago.

These two little girls are fun to hang out with!  This weekend E. spent the night and today we baked a cake in honor of Independence Day!  They were thrilled with making a red, white, and blue cake!  I am hoping that my #kitchenlove goes to the generations after me!

Sometimes I’m not able to be a “grandmother” type to E. due to the fact that I have a seven-year old daughter.  I don’t struggle with that too much but the thought does cross my mind on occasion when we are together. I try to just celebrate the fact that God blessed me with both!  They will grow up together more like sisters than aunt and niece I think.

Our family dynamic is not all that different from others.  I think that God brought us together for whatever reasons and we make a good family unit.  I’m blessed to have one husband, three daughters, two son-in-laws (soon),  two grand-kids, and two grand-dogs.

I hope that you are able to spend time with family and friends as much as possible.  Building memories is a wonderful way to pass time!  Although our family couldn’t all be together this weekend I pray we will be soon!

Grace is a gift,



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