Wandering Are We?



I found another little gift while sifting through old emails.  I had sent my baptismal birthday date to myself when I researched it a couple of years ago.  I knew it was in June and the year but wasn’t real sure of the actual date.

June 26, 1994. I can recall the church, the waters, and who joined us in this important event.  I was 23 years old and had two small children.  I had been attending a church of different denomination as now and was led there by friends/neighbors. I am grateful for them and the journey since then.

For a moment I am going to jump to the present, 21 years later.  As I sat in Sunday school recently I had an aha moment you might say.  I looked at my husband and he smiled, knowing something was really going on in this brain of mine!  A teeny tiny bit of me is embarrassed to write about it but I feel I must!

The aha moment was:

In my baptism I was given the ability to hear the Word of God.

Yep, that’s it.  All these years and on this day in 2015 it just ignites something within me! Go figure! So I want to dedicate this post to igniting it in others!

Back in 1994, I was a believing Christian and I was on the right path.  I just wasn’t in full understanding of what was given to me with the gift of baptism.  I wasn’t as dedicated I guess, perhaps lack of support, or possibly my young age might have had something to do with it.

As I have said before, I can recall in my childhood feeling like something was missing.  Something that would help in my life, that substance that would give strength, and not be so lonely. My desire to know the Lord (I feel) began long before my baptism and yet I didn’t excel when accepting the gift God has offered for all.  I wonder why that is?  I’m sure sin had something to do with it.  The distractions of this world, the things I thought were important, looking back not so important now.

Today I am still far from placing God where he should be on a daily basis but I am making a strong effort to do just that in my life.  Even the difficult days are not as hard because I’ve grown my knowledge of the Word in the past couple years, attend church worship, fellowship with others of faith, and pray often.  It’s not easy, life still has those distractions and those selfish moments.  Building around me a life where I am reminded of God’s glory helps. I want to let others in on that, how it really does make a difference!

I know that my faith isn’t to be about feelings.  I know I am to fear, love, and trust God above all things. I am to encourage others and help them, I am to continue to learn myself as well.  I am to live by the Law and the Gospel. Not one or the other but both.

Today’s post is one to encourage those of you that might be wandering.  It’s not about me tooting my own accomplishments or telling my story to hear about myself.  It’s about letting others know that no matter where you are in you life there is still opportunity for you.  There is still the gift to be accepted, you can’t earn it, you can’t buy it, you can’t ask for it.  It’s ours, it’s yours.

Whether you find yourself wandering away from the faith you were raised in, wandering away from the action of daily devotion, wandering to surround yourself with things that aren’t quite right in the eyes of God, or wandering away from the church you once felt support. Or wandering to find that “missing piece” in your life.  Whatever the reason or excuse you have know that you can find what you need in Christ.  I hope you will this opportunity to start again or anew.  To find the way to the place of strength, guidance, friendship, support, encouragement, and so much more.

This begins with accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Let’s pray.

God Almighty,

We thank you for the times You have given us strength and we didn’t realize it came from You.  We thank you for the opportunities of joy and love that only came from You.  We praise you and look to the day we can join you fully.

At this time Lord we ask that you send the Spirit to guide those that aren’t quite sure, that are feeling in a rut in their spiritual life, or wandering away from Your gracious love.  May they be surrounded by others that will reach out and help them find their way to You.  That we may all open our hearts and minds to allow You to guide us.  Where ever we are wandering may be move towards only You.

Thank you for all that You have so freely given.  In Jesus name, Amen


Grace is a gift,




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