Honesty Days

Honesty Days


1. There are certain people in my life I know I can ask to pray for me and I know 100% they will do just that.  Fervently, committed, and with faith.  The feeling of that is one of my “luckiest things in life.”

2. When I wrote this post, I didn’t feel 100% comfortable publishing it.  I felt like I jumped around a lot and perhaps didn’t come across with what I wanted to say correctly.  Hum…..

3. Summer is going at what seems a quick speed. Jumping from one planned experience to another.  Positives and negatives in this.

4. When I publish an Honesty Days, it’s read a lot!  It’s one of the top posts.  I find that humorous.

5. When two young ladies share time with my younger daughter and show her honest attention it’s a wonderful, encouraging thing. I am thankful.

6. Yes.  Yes I dance in the car, in the house, pretty much anywhere it strikes.  Especially if Crash & Burn, any Zac Brown song, or House Party is on. Or even Big Daddy Weave or Jamie Grace, Mercy Me, Aerosmith or Aretha Franklin.  Give me a beat and I will probably be moving my shoulders or feet or both! 🙂 Don’t laugh, just join me you know you want to!

7. I’m struggling with this last 30 some days of writing here on Pushing Forward with Grace. Inspire me!

8. Making a trip, in 17 days.  I get to travel with a friend to see another friend! Countdown has begun!

9. Pushing my daughter to try something that scares her and her thanking me later for making her do it. That’s one of those treasures of parenting! #proudmom #feelsgoodtoparent

10. 20 minute walk today. I did it.  I feel good mentally but the leg was exploding by time done, even though I did it at a turtle pace. I’m heading to a foot doctor later in month.  I will focus on the accomplishment not the failure today!

11. I find myself wanting to work on a project.  One that will help others in our local communities.  Praying and searching on that.

12. One year ago I was so emotionally distraught.  I am in a better place now.  My days of recent have been challenging for other reasons but I know I made a good decision in becoming a stay at home wife and mother. Thank you God for leading me here.

13. I’m pretty excited about Farming Grace Homemade Traditions!  🙂  Just lovin’ the name.  #goosebumps

14. I’m feeling the itch to entertain.

Grace is a gift,



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