Womb & The Word

This post sparked me to write today’s post.  It took me back to a time when I learned something new.

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I’ve been pregnant twice in my life.  I have known for a long time that children in the womb could hear things. You know, like their mother’s voice, their daddy’s singing, their sibling’s giggle only to name a few.  While I was pregnant with my two oldest daughters this knowledge was within me. Yet, I didn’t realize one of the most important things I should have provided for their hearing pleasure.

The Word.   God’s Word.

See, I didn’t attend a church while pregnant with either one of them, I wasn’t even baptized.  It never really hit me that I missed this very important task until we adopted our youngest daughter.  It is obvious I didn’t carry her in my womb. At the time she was growing I had become faithful in my religion and it’s practices.  From what we know, her birth mother did not attend church or read out loud from the bible.

I recall my husband and I listening to our Pastor speak and this topic came up.  It was like a lightbulb came on in my head and almost instantly we looked at one another.  It wasn’t a feeling of failure, it was a feeling of sadness.  A feeling that our adopted daughter had not been in a church or heard the Word even once while in the womb.

The glory is this though.  Even though she had very little prenatal care nor what I can guess much attention to this point, she was cared for.  She was cared for by God.  God placed her within this woman, He protected her although she didn’t know Him yet.  He used this woman to be a vessel for creation. To bring her to this world. To have us, her parents, share the Word with her.

Mom & P

Today, I sit here writing this and I do not hold judgment on our birth mother.  As you recall from the beginning of this post, I too did not share the Word with those I carried within.  I can now though.  I can share it with all three of my daughters (and other people too.)  It’s hard at times, sometimes harder with my own children than it is with strangers.  But I will continue to share, for I know what it is like to not know of the Glory of God for too long.

Girls & me

Grace is a gift,







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