Grateful To Hear

One of the staples in our worship service is the playing of the organ.  Our church is blessed to have not only one, but four very talented women play.  It’s something that you can count on each Sunday and although I enjoy it, I miss the piano.  I missed it a great deal when I changed churches, then the desire was placed in a section of my brain to be forgotten.

Until last Sunday,  it was brought to the forefront of my memory.  I sat in my pew and with joy my ears listened.  They were filled suddenly, unexpectedly, with a beautiful playing of the piano.   It included a singing I can not even put into words.  It was that beautiful.   As I sat there listening to the Psalm being sang tears filled my eyes.  They were not of sadness, they were of joy.  Longing to turn but knew I shouldn’t I just basked in the moment of hearing God’s glory.  I embraced the gift I had been given this moment in time.  I felt my heart flutter, my mind clear, my body relax.

Joy comes in many forms.  God’s glory comes in many forms.  On this day, two young ladies were used by God as instruments to spread His word.  I am so very grateful I could hear and look forward to a future of such blissful times.

Grace is a gift,




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