Clothes. Weddings. Funerals. Worship.

The father I live with today

I decided I had to blog about this topic.  It’s not that I want to proclaim my thinking is right, I just feel there are various opinions on the subject and I wanted to talk about it.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and as long as it’s done respectful, you can share here on the blog.

The discussion of what is appropriate attire for worship/church services was brought up during a gathering of great minds.  These minds were all female and I respect all of them at a high level.  About the time I got the guts to speak up with my thoughts, the subject was changing.  Which is fine, this isn’t earth shattering news! Yes, opinions differed from mine, including my spouse’s.

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There are a majority of people in this world that feel one should wear a dress  or suit with tie or at least business casual attire for worship services.  I normally wear business casual as I am not a person that wears dresses very often.  But I do also wear jeans on occasion or even capris.  I don’t think I am hurting any one and as long as I am respectful to my Lord while worshiping and am hearing the Word I don’t feel my clothes matter much.  Prior to the fall  Adam and Eve were naked if I recall the story correctly, then they proceeded to wear leaves.  Not that I would want to be caught in either one of those circumstances but in my mind the least of God’s worries is how I dress.  I dress what I call modestly and maybe even frumpy at times.  I’m clean, my hair is fixed, and yes makeup is applied. My child does not wear short skirts or dirty clothes, and when she is old enough she won’t be wearing clothes that show her bra strap either!  My focus is not to be on my outer beauty but my interior beauty, is it not?  So if my body is covered enough and I don’t smell why should what I am wearing to church matter to anyone else?

Trust Guy Ministries Dr. Micah Parker
Trust Guy Ministries
Dr. Micah Parker

Here is where I share my husband’s opinion. He stated in our conversation of this topic recently the following.  “Why do people “dress to the hilt” for two people marrying or for a dead sinner but not for God?”

Yes, yes he did use those words, which most would be surprised if I had to guess.   It did make me stop and think for a few minutes, but I didn’t admit I thought he was right.  His statement was definitely something to ponder.  To be honest, I normally wear the same thing to all three occasions, whether that is right or wrong.

I know that what we are taught as children and young adults plays a huge role in this subject along with many other things in life.  I have especially learned this through my marriage of 12 years to a man that grew up having his faith present daily.

I just feel that if someone came to worship, where ever that may be,  that had never been there before, I wouldn’t want them to feel they couldn’t return because they didn’t have the “right look”.  Actually, if someone arrived that had come before I wouldn’t want that for them either.

I understand my husband and other’s thinking, and it has influenced me in the past few years.  But I am who I am and hope that is enough.

Grace is a gift,


P.S. When it comes to my husband’s faith, and when the subject comes up, his voice changes, and he is protective of God’s truth.  Some may not know that about him.  I like it and I don’t think he does it often enough! 



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