Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1. There are a lot of days I drive to my little town nearby for coffee.  I know, it’s not really a need and I should give it up.  I should make coffee at home but it just doesn’t taste the same.  #guiltypleasure #decaf

2. Walked 30 minutes today and it felt good. Slow pace but it was nice out and I made myself do it! #gojulie

3. Having the kiddo gone to camp makes it kinda lonely around here after spending the last 50 some days together.  Guess it’s preparing me for when school starts! #mommalonely

4. If you take graham crackers and put whip topping in between two and freeze them, they are really good.  Even my husband that doesn’t like whip topping (I know, right?) liked it!

5. Speaking of desserts, I’m refraining from making a cake.  I know my husband loves to have one around but my self control is not up to par at this time! #mustkeepselfcontrolincheck

6. My post about Womb and The Word  received a lot of likes and views.  It made me feel good as I felt this post was one of my better ones.  I only hope my daughters read it too! #meaningfulposts

7. Two batches of jelly didn’t turn out.  What a disappointment, what a waste of time and money. 😦 Hoping I can fix them still.  #herestohoping

8. Oldest daughter’s wedding is drawing closer.  I THINK I have a dress, a smaller size is on it’s way.  I’m anxious and not so anxious for it to arrive! #hopeitfits

9. I don’t appreciate my hard working spouse enough. That’s something I have been working on in past six months. I hope he can tell the difference. #appreciatetheonesyoulove

10. The 7 year old is at an inventor’s camp this week.  I love it!  She hates that I record her telling me about it each day but I don’t care.  I know I won’t remember everything when I go to journal about it in her book and I want to be reminded of her “excitement” about something in life! 🙂 #mommamakesherdoit

So, if you had an Honesty Day what would you list?

Grace is a gift,


2 thoughts on “Honesty Days

  1. Love your list today! #1 Coffee is important! #2 Yay for more walking! #4 I’m with the husband on this one – I don’t really care for Cool Whip either. #7 Huge bummer! #8 So glad you found a dress! If it just needs an alteration, I can give you info for a place that I’ve used before. #9 I struggle too. I’m sure you are doing a great job at letting him know. #10 I just love the excitement from both our kids about this camp! Awesome that you are recording it for her!

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