Writing Prompt – If you could visit anyone….


If you could visit anyone on the planet right now, who would you go see?

When I read this to myself, my brother Rick came to mind.  We don’t see one another often enough and we had such a good time last summer in Colorado.  I am hoping he is able to come home to Kansas this year! (hint hint) 🙂

Then my mind went to a cousin in law of mine, Michelle.  She lives in the lovely state of Colorado.  She is a bubbly bunch of joy and when I’m with her, I always enjoy the time!  To think of it, I think I might get to see her in a couple of weeks at a family wedding if I am lucky! 🙂  Oh joy!

How about that friend Heather, oh yes, I will be traveling to see her in just 10 short days! Oh how I look forward to the conversations to be had and the hugs from her! The best! Our kiddos will love the opportunity to play once again too!

If I could travel to somewhere I would like to take my spouse and head to somewhere quiet, cooler, and in nature.  Just enjoy hiking and the beauty around us.  Ultimately it would be great if we could have the entire family go with us but not this year.  Our oldest daughter is getting married in September so this will have to wait!

Who or where would you like to travel if you could?  So many wonderful people in the world and so many awesome places to choose!  Love our country life but sometimes spreading our wings helps us appreciate what we have at home even more!

Grace is a gift,




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