Writing Prompt #6 – People in Glass Houses Should Not……

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People in Glass Houses Should Not…..  walk around their house naked.

Got your attention I presume.   I thought so.  But truly they shouldn’t.

Ok, I will move to a more serious note.  Maybe.

We have the “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.  But that’s what everyone says.  Let’s think about this for a moment.  Is just the exterior of their home glass or are all walls in their home glass?  I mean I really wouldn’t want to see anyone in the bathroom at anytime if you know what I mean. Oh, am I suppose to be using this as a metaphor?  Oh geez, I’m embarrassed I went for the literal view! Oops!

Metaphor.  Well they shouldn’t throw stones, but we all have heard that.  You know, say bad things about others, hurt others, judge others.  Even within our homes. But in reality I think we all do that at some point all while living in stone, frame, or dirt houses.

In this day it seems the shows on TV and the media and the newsfeeds of social media tend to lean towards throwing stones all day long.  They are either making fun of others, using phrases that literally make me cringe, and bashing someone or something.

I know it’s been done for many years but with the access to instant sharing the sharing has become daily. Or rather how about every second.  There are GMO and Non-GMO supporters, singles and married couples, religion differences, and don’t get me started on pro-life and not.  Everyone has an issue and everyone has something to say.  I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion and educating is important on any subject.  But what I see is this.

Lack of respect in the world.  The lack of respect of where it’s alright to agree to disagree in a respectful manner.  The name calling, character bashing, how they run their farm and ranches, how they raise their children, how they became parents bashing is happening all the time. Offensive words being exchanged on a moment by moment basis.

What happened to the time when two people or a group of people sat down at coffee in the coffee shop and weighed in on the local news?  They both had their opinions but at the end of the coffee they left still being friends and still respecting one another.

I’m afraid the world will never be so simple as it once was.  It wasn’t ever a perfect world but it was calmer, it was more respectful, and it was a time-honored thing to live in this world, especially America.  I’m not better than you, I just long for a time of less strife and more respect.  I know it will never totally go away until our Savior returns, but it could be better I think.

Grace is a gift,



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