Wait A Few Moments, It Will Change

Sunset Kansas 2015 July
Pushing Forward with Grace is owner of this photo and it is not to be used or duplicated without consent.


When I look at this photo I feel like it says some things about my own life.  Sometimes the clouds will shelter the sunshine that is attempting to shine.  The rays of sunshine still peak out in an attempt to keep striving for their destination.  The undertones of orange and yellow are the warmth and brightness in my life.  The blue above could represent the tranquility of the place I will be when I go to be with my Father.

This photo was taken with my smart phone from my back yard.  The corn field in the lower half is taller than I am now and I had to hold my camera pretty high to get the shot.   I am so grateful that I did get it, because just like moments in life, that view is now gone five minutes later.  We can never get moments back, we can only go forward.  So, to those that feel the darkness of the clouds,  just wait a moment.  For in the next few moments that shine from behind will resonate forward.

Grace is a gift,





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