Mission Mojo – Here We Go!

It’s 10:35 pm on a Thursday night and I just finished filling up Facebook newsfeeds!  I hit Pinterest this evening while my outreach mojo was active!  Found some really neat ideas!

Here check a few out….

Secret Service Missions for Youth!

This one just made me smile and I can’t wait to do it!

OH! And this one for little girls in Haiti!  So excited for a fun night with friends & other church ladies!

Ok, now that you have seen a few what do you think?  I KNOW RIGHT!  Super cool fun and helping others all at once!

But… yes there is always a but which is really doubt in my mind.  Sometimes I wonder if I go overboard, get too excited.  That I have big dreams then am unable to turn them into reality.  I want my excitement to be contagious but is it more “hello I’m in your face and we need to do this now!”

I love these types of projects.  The excitement of organizing them, putting stuff together for them, and then watching them unfold.  Sharing the faith that has brought me so much.

What does this mean?  Is it bad that I get excited about these types of projects?  Yes it would be nice if little girls in Haiti had more than enough dresses, and that there was no need for food banks, and that youth/adults did service work automatically.  But the world isn’t that way.

Doesn’t the world need late night idea seeking folks?  That fill up their Pinterest Board and share like crazy on Facebook to inspire others?  I sure hope so, cause I’m kinda that gal!

Wish me luck!

Grace is a gift,



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