Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1. I have decided to accept the fact that since entering the 40’s the tendons in my body in various areas are just giving up on working properly.  #easilyinjured

2. My kid has been playing in her bedroom for two hours and hasn’t asked to watch TV even once on the day I started this post. Who entered her body and what have they done with her?  #notvisawesome

3. Sometimes toilet bowl cleaner isn’t used just on toilets, irrigation end guns call for it too.  #farming101

4. The pleading with staying home as an occupation to my spouse for so many years paid off.  Not only am I home now but just the other day he shocked me by stating he liked it.  #botharecontent

5. Tent camping. I’m not really that type of gal, but I’m trying to do things my family enjoys. Two out of three of us are voting for it. #ithinkimoutnumberedonthisone

6. I am doing some serious searching. Searching for a mission.  One that is local, meaning at least in the State of Kansas, perhaps including children and/or food.  Searching and praying.  Give me ideas or join me in prayer to be guided!

7. Cleaned the house, even moved the living room furniture. I love the feeling of a clean house and especially when the furniture is different! #deepcleaningistheraputic

8. While my husband and I were dining in a public place for lunch this past week, we prayed as we normally do.  There was a table a few feet from us and as the lady was leaving she stopped at our table.  She said to us, ” it’s so nice to see people praying in public.  I wish more did it.” Not that I need anyone’s compliments about praying but it was very nice to hear.  🙂

Grace is a gift,



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