Writing Prompt – Write about the beach.

Write about the beach.

I live in Kansas. There isn’t a real beach, or what I would call a beach anywhere close to me.  I have visited one though.  A couple of years ago we traveled to San Diego, California to see our middle daughter and her husband.  Although I would not want to live there, I’m grateful we visited.

The best memory from the beach for me was watching my youngest and middle daughter together.  The personality of my middle daughter is one that enjoys simple things such as the ocean, beach, dogs, and playing.  She got right down in the sand and began to build with her young sister.  The laughter and memories from that day are in my mind and I hope I never lose them.  Little pockets of treasure for me.

The beach

This was our youngest daughter’s first experience with the ocean and she loved it.  The image of her Daddy and her splashing and him holding her.  Another little pocket of treasure for me.

The beach

Remembering back makes me smile.  I’m so fortunate I can recall these treasures.  It wasn’t about the beautiful ocean, the sunset over the water, the dolphins while we ate.  It was the time of family together growing in their love for one another.  My pocket is spilling over with treasure now. 🙂

Grace is a gift,


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