Honesty Days

Honesty Days


1.  I laid in bed this morning and wrote this entire post in my head.  Now when I am at the computer I can’t remember much…. UGH!

2.  At times, like yesterday, I think that my voice must not really be existent.  The reason is my spouse and seven year old need me to repeat EVERYTHING!

3. The mornings when your child wakes up smiling and her mind is going full speed with ideas it can only make you smile!

4. Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake.  Yes it is good. Yes I let my child that normally doesn’t eat much cake eat a piece right before bed but I did say no to a 2nd piece (to her).  Now her Dad, he ate two but only after she was in bed! 🙂

5. Why do most Wal-Mart bathrooms seem dirty and smell.  I use a lot of bathrooms due to my bladder disorder so I’ve seen my fair share of public ones.  But it seems Wal-Mart ones are not so great for a large company.

6. I just realized I only have 11 more posts to reach 365 on this blog.   Unfortunately, my writing hasn’t been up to par and I am struggling with writing anything with emotion and depth I feel.

7. Jesus died for our sins.  All of our sins.  If you would like to know the story, which I highly recommend there’s a book called the Bible you can read.  But I would start with this section just so  you don’t get overwhelmed.  Maybe go find a Pastor or someone who could be a mentor to help guide you.  It’s good stuff.  Seriously.

8. Netflix.  Lately my downfall.  Good movies, especially the old ones!

9. Having to take a break from embroidery is hard for me.  I want to continue going but my wrist/hand can not take it anymore.  I’m making myself take a few days off from it.  Hopefully feel better then I will  start again!

10.  Bible study starts in 18 days. CAN NOT WAIT!

Grace is a gift,



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