When You See Your Mom In You

The older I get the more I see things from my own childhood come out.  Not of my childish ways but of my mother’s qualities.  Things I remember from my childhood are the way she always cooked meat and potatoes meals, did some sort of craft, and the cinnamon rolls and pies were to die for.

I am not much of a seamstress, I know just enough to sew simple things.  My mother could sew  quite well before she incurred a back injury.  Mom has helped me tie a couple quilts for my older daughters and she made them matching dresses for Christmas one year when they were little.  She would crochet and embroider along with paint on fabric.  I recall those Artex tubes of paint and the tablecloths that were laid upon our dining room table like it was yesterday!

Today I made a simple skirt for my youngest daughter after watching a tutorial on YouTube.  I only had to call my Mom once! 🙂   It has imperfections but I don’t mind, which is evidence I’ve grown in the past year.  I no longer dwell on perfection of things but more the small lessons along the way.  The small accomplishment of creating something for someone I love.  She was even very excited and when I mentioned there were a few imperfections her response was pretty sweet.  “Who cares, it’s awesome” said the 7 year old!

When You See Your Mother In You

I recall there being Artex paints, fabric, a sewing machine, and crochet materials in our home growing up.  These are a few of the good memories I shall hold tight to.  I’m glad my Mother taught me some of her talents, I just wish I would have taken more time to listen when I was younger.  I’m blessed to say my middle daughter enjoys sewing and embroidery as well.  This makes my heart happy!

Embroidery 3

Grace is a gift,




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