Feeling Like A……

Today I totally felt like I was rockn’ the housewife gig!  Yep!  The homemaker!

A year ago I began this journey as a stay at home mom/wife.  I only have one child at home but it was time to step out of the workforce and focus on my family, community, and myself.

After a mini vacation with the other two household members I found myself in one of my favorite places today.  THE KITCHEN!  I had ordered 3 boxes of Colorado peaches and they arrived this week.  That meant I would be making peach jam galore!

Peach jam is my favorite to eat and it is the first type of jam I ever made.  It’s a little labor intensive due to the fact that you have to peel the peaches and then chop them.  It’s worth it though.

Peach jam

Yes I could and sometimes do use my food processor but I find that chopping them by hand the jam turns out better.  I like the texture of a little chunkiness.  The act of chopping the peaches actually is therapeutic for me and I feel that it puts my “kitchen love” into each jar.


Farming Grace Homemade Traditions is what I have chosen to call my little side business.  To be honest I haven’t really kept track of expenses and how much I’ve made.  I tell myself every year that I am going to keep track, I start out good, then get too busy.  I know, it’s not very business savvy but I’m mostly in this for the enjoyment.  Maybe next year!

Today I was able to have my youngest daughter help me.

Peach jam making

This is also one of my little treasures of life.  Having any one of my kids in the kitchen with me is joy to my heart.   I hope she will carry on the tradition of jam making and teach her children.

Making jam isn’t the only reason I felt like I was rockn’ the housewife gig.  This morning I made a meatloaf for supper, peeled potatoes for supper, made peach cobbler, boiled brats for lunch, did devotions, fed my kid, took her to piano lessons, paid bills, took a 15 minute walk, and then enrolled her for 2nd grade.  All before noon!  Then I spent the afternoon making five batches of peach jam.

It’s good feeln’ like a housewife! 🙂

Grace is a gift,




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