Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1.  Went on a mini vacation.  There was internet but I only took my tablet without my keyboard.  So no posts were done while gone.  Part of me loved it and part of me hated it.  I dislike using a tablet without a keyboard.

2. Only 5 more posts to go and I will hit 365.  Hum, what is next for Pushing Forward with Grace?  I’m not really sure, is that bad with only a few days left?

3. Housewife/mother 101 – sometimes it’s easier not to ask and do it yourself.

4. I’m excited.  I found out this week my brother is coming home for my daughter’s wedding in September.  Yay! Four siblings together again! Poker anyone?

5. I think my hands will smell like peaches after this week forever! 🙂 Can you say “peach hands?” 🙂

6. Kinda wanted to watch the debate last night, too bad Fox News had to keep it from all Americans who do not have cable or Playstations, etc!

7. I’m feeling completely in awe of the response I have had on my Farming Grace Homemade Traditions adventure.  It seems some still enjoy homemade goodies and pretties! LOVE THAT!

8.  Created my own Missions/Outreach notebook this week and started filling it with ideas this morning when I couldn’t sleep!  I hope at least some of these “events” come to see light!

9. While enrolling the kiddo yesterday I mentioned that I was going to miss her when school started.  The secretary said that’s pretty nice to our daughter, cause most parents are excited for school to start.  Our daughter will be in the 2nd grade, seems like we just traveled to meet her. Time flies fast! Enjoy the kiddos!

10. My weight. Haven’t written about it since I quit Weight-less Wednesdays.  My hope is to get back to my walking routine come August 20th and perhaps try using a weight room.  I hope this sticks…..

Grace is a gift,




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