Kitchen Love or Therapy, and How It Resets Things. 8/12/2015


Kitchen Love Or Therapy

Today I went to therapy.  The doctor was my kitchen and the medicine was two good recipes.  I find this humorous but it’s true.  I may eat too much food (a true blessing in reality) but if my mental state is healthy and happy I think it’s worth it.  I like to give things away too.  Like I mentioned in the Dream post,  my dream would be to cook and just give food away.

Perhaps God is leading me to a Food Ministry of some sort.  Mental note, pray more on that!

What is something that can change your mindset to something better?  Is it walking, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, reading, crafting, or just going to a movie?  Perhaps meeting with friends or one particular special someone.

Taking time to “reset” our mind is essential I think in our lives.  I can be such a bear to the two individuals that live with me and most of the time they have done nothing.  That is so unfair.  So when the reset button needs pushed I wish they would learn to kindly tell me.  “Reset please!”  I give them permission, and now it’s in writing! 🙂

If you find yourself needing a “reset” just do it!  Live life to have a better day!

Grace is a gift,



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