It’s Begun – A Child’s Changing

It's Begun

It’s begun.  The moment in time when my youngest daughter decides she can fix her own hair and that she only wants it in a particular style! This may not be a big moment for you but it is for me.  She’s seven.

From experience, I knew this day would come.  Some of you are probably saying “she’s seven, she should be like this and it’s fine!”  But it’s not, it’s just not ok.

This mama thought she had at least another year or two, but now she wants to wear her hair in a ponytail that she can pull back herself.  Although her fine hair is in her face not long after it’s up, this does not bother her one tiny bit!  (One of my pet peeves is hair in a child’s face, just fyi) I’m fighting the instinct to force my mothering on her, I have to pick my battles though.  I know this from experience as well.  🙂

The future holds many changes and actions and reactions from both of us.  Now having two twenty- something daughters I cherish the fixing of the seven-year old’s hair or her silly stories or her outlandish ideas.   Even watching her play with her dog is enjoyable and hearing her talk about Pokemon (which I know little about) is a nice past time.

These are little treasures because I know they will soon flutter away.  The day will come when boyfriends will replace the dog,  a certain type of hobby will replace Pokemon, and Friday nights will be spent at school activities.  Those I will treasure too, although more on her own I’m sure.

So, today I will just brush the hair away from her face, kiss her cheek, and giggle as she cuddles up with 5 stuffed animals for bedtime.  I will not worry about the future for tonight. Rest easy mother, rest easy.

Grace is a gift,



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