Pieces of Her In Me – Mom

Someone that has known me for many years said the following to me at my mother’s grave on the day we buried her. They had a personal business relationship  with my mother and he was my former boss.

“I don’t think I ever told you this but you got all of your mother’s best qualities.”

mother and daughter

He had heard me read the eulogy I wrote and spoke at my mother’s funeral. He had dealt with my mother’s forthcoming attitude, opinions, and  her pick on her daughter when she was in the office ways.  If you were in the presence of my mother you always knew it! Let’s leave it at that.

Hearing those words, a heartfelt compliment from a man who isn’t always full of emotion meant a great deal to me.

The way life is I think we (society)  normally only look at the qualities that may not be the best the that we take on from our parents.  I know I have done this many times throughout my journey here on earth.

Mother and I 2014

As I think about the few days surrounding my mother’s short hospitalization and funeral I can see my mother coming out in me. Strength was ever-present and if she had anything it was that.   So even if we were not a great deal alike, I’m grateful for that particular attribute I inherited.

MOm & I

Grace is a gift,



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