Honesty Days

Honesty Days

  1.  My favorite part of eating Frosted Mini Wheats is at the end of the box.  The remnants of the solid pieces all broken to bits.  I love it!
  2. I have a new follower over here on the blog and I finally had time to click on their blog.  She’s mourning her parents and as I read a few of her posts it made me want to just gather my arms around her and hug her tightly.  She’s only in her twenties.
  3. I am tackling today with positivity although my head and neck feel are in pain!
  4. Oh the Word of God does me good and as an added bonus Sisters in Christ bring life to it! I am blessed!
  5. The garden still isn’t a pretty sight.  Looking out my office window it’s sad, I should get up, and go take care of cleaning it up for the winter. Nah… it can wait.
  6. I am looking forward to my quick trip to Nebraska this weekend for various reasons. Honestly though, it’s the hug I’m seeking from one of the best huggers in the world! 🙂
  7. My closet, my office,my dresser, the garage, and the garden are all in about the same state.  Yes I’m still sitting at this computer……
  8. Service.  There’s a post in the works on that topic!  Stay tuned.
  9. Banana bread has to have nuts in it, walnuts actually.
  10. Brownies, they need pecans.
  11. Today’s honesty days is kinda generic, but still honest. 🙂 I’m noticing it’s about food mostly… hum…..what does that mean?

Grace is a gift,



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